10 June 2013

Color Club Halo Hues - Cosmic Fate

When Color Club introduced their halo hues collection, I was like "I need to have them!". But sad to say, there's no Color Club nail polishes in Singapore. I managed to get mine from a nail polish supplier that brings in different brands of nail polishes. So happy! This is my first and only bottle of Color Club & also holo polish and I love it!

I bought Cosmic Fate because its so pretty (so were the others!) !!! This is the swatch on my fingers. Its very pigmented and can definitely be a one-coater. Can you tell which of my fingers have two coats and which has one coat? Haha, two coats on my index & pinky and one coat on my middle & ring finger. Although it could be a one-coater but I felt two coats look better! I really like the consistency, its more on the thinner side so its easier to apply. I think it looks great under the sun too but I didn't get to capture that!