23 February 2013

Twinkle twinkle little star ★ ☆ ✰

The base colour is a deep purple but too bad can't show on camera. Really like how it looks after I add the pink glitter polish on top! :)

20 February 2013

Peachy chevron & multicolor glitters!

I know, removing glitter polishes are a pain in the a** but who can resist such colourful glitter polish!!! Added peach chevron nailart too!

12 February 2013

Lace & Bows

Yup, I cannot resist changing my nailart! Wore the previous one for 3 days and now changed to this lace and bows!

10 February 2013

My CNY nails!

Finally it's my turn to do my CNY nails. Added hearts to make it a valentine's day nail too! Pretty satisfied with the small rose inside the heart! :D Don't really like the ribbon though. :(

Vintage rose & gold beads

CNY nails done. Acrylic nails used cuz client has short nails. The peachy color is the same one as my previous peachy design. It's by Modern Romance by Essence.

Colorful half moon nails

Client's idea to do these colorful nailart! Really like how it turned out! And she has beautiful hands and nails (real nails) ! *envy* Added roses to the design to add a bit of feminine touch.


It's really challenging trying to draw perfect straight lines (mine is far from perfect!) but it's still fun!

1 February 2013

Glitter purple cross

I added pink glitter polish on top of the pale purple cuz I felt it was too plain (can't resist doing nail art!). And I don't know what to add to the ring finger so I added a cross with glitter sparkles! Do you like this?