29 June 2013

Bikini Inspired Nails

I saw this beautiful bikini while reading my magazine and was totally inspired by it! I had to do them right away! It was really easy to do and I'm pretty happy with the results. :) Love this picture of my nails posing with the model. It makes the mani a lot more sense!

I use a black acrylic paint for the lines over white polish and the yellow is "Destination Sunshine" by Essence.

28 June 2013

Man of Steel Nails / Superman Nails

Since I did the Despicable Me mani earlier, I thought I can do a Man of Steel inspired mani! I'm loving the dark shimmery blue 'George Blueney' by Catrice. I hand painted the "S" logo using acrylic paint and it took me so long! Not exactly happy with it but it still look like "S" !

26 June 2013

Despicable Me Nails

Despicable Me 2 is coming to theaters soon so here's my take on the super duper cute minion nails! Makes me happy just by looking at them! I felt like there's gonna be so much attention on my nails! =D

I use a random yellow polish from Elianto and the blue is 'Via Airmail' by Essence. The minions are painted using acrylic paint and grey & white nail polishes.

24 June 2013

Etude House Glitter top coat PBK803

I bought a few glitter top coats from Etude House sometime ago and didn't get to use them on my nails yet. Today I'm running out of time so I wanted to do a fast mani and what's easier then topping your nail colour with some glitters? 

There are stripes, squares & hexagon glitters in different size & colour in the clear polish. The colour theme is black, white, pink & silver. It does look a little like those indie polishes which are very popular these days. It all depends on how much glitters you'd like to have on your nails, I had two coats of the glitter polish and I felt it started to look a little "messy". I would say one coat is enough, play with it and place them where you want them to be. By the way, I had Essie "Fiji" as my base colour.

22 June 2013

Sailor Nails

Love this blue polish from Catrice called "Shopping Day at Bloomingdales"! Decided to go with stripes, dots & studs for this mani and it turned out a little of sailor inspired nails!

20 June 2013

Roses & Blings!

As you can see, I'm a little obsessed with China Glaze "Papaya Punch" recently (I used it too in my previous mani too!). It's such a gorgeous orange and so perfect for summer! The roses are hand painted with acrylic paints. Adding rhinestones is another way to jazz up your mani and make them look more sophisticated.

18 June 2013

Chevron Nails

Simple and easy chevrons nails. I used China Glaze "Passion For Petal" and "Papaya Punch" for the chevrons, and OPI "Designer...de Better" on my index and pinky finger. 

16 June 2013

When cotton candy meets black & gold......

Black & gold have always been a very nice combo but how about adding them to something more subtle like a light coral/salmon colour? YES!!! 

I used "Cotton Candy" from Orly, a black polish from The Faceshop and "Golden-I" from Sally Hansen. Decided to go with a black accent on the ring finger outlined with gold colour to make the mani more outstanding!

14 June 2013

Playing with nail studs

Loving this mani! Studs look so cool on the nails and add some character on them. I used Catrice "Mint Me Up" on my index and pinky and China Glaze "Concrete Catwalk" on my middle & ring fingers. 

"Mint Me Up" is such a gorgeous minty green color (thanks to Stefanie!) with tiny gold shimmers and "Concrete Catwalk is a dark grey creme. The square & round studs are both 3mm and I added tiny gold beads to make them look like a chain/necklace.

12 June 2013

Dots & Holo

A very simple mani playing with my dotting tool. I used Color Club "Cosmic Fate" and China Glaze "Below Deck". Love how the holo dots contrast with "Below Deck" !

10 June 2013

Color Club Halo Hues - Cosmic Fate

When Color Club introduced their halo hues collection, I was like "I need to have them!". But sad to say, there's no Color Club nail polishes in Singapore. I managed to get mine from a nail polish supplier that brings in different brands of nail polishes. So happy! This is my first and only bottle of Color Club & also holo polish and I love it!

I bought Cosmic Fate because its so pretty (so were the others!) !!! This is the swatch on my fingers. Its very pigmented and can definitely be a one-coater. Can you tell which of my fingers have two coats and which has one coat? Haha, two coats on my index & pinky and one coat on my middle & ring finger. Although it could be a one-coater but I felt two coats look better! I really like the consistency, its more on the thinner side so its easier to apply. I think it looks great under the sun too but I didn't get to capture that!

8 June 2013

Purple Candy!

This cute candy mani was inspired by the talented kpandaanails on Instagram. I used Purple Reign by Catrice which is a dark purple with shimmers in it and the light pastel purple is Sweet Darling by P2. These two polishes were also sent to me by Lisa from Germany! I had so much fun playing with those new polishes. 

I start by painting my middle and ring fingers white then I did the swirls with my tiny brush and top it off with China Glaze Fairy Dust. Love how the Fairy Dust made them looked even more like candy sprinkles!

On a side note, I broke the cap of the Catrice nail polish! I was just merely making sure it was close tightly but it just broke when I used a little bit more force. Has this happened to anyone of you? :(

6 June 2013

Studs & Leopard prints

This is what I came up with while trying Kiko nail polishes that was sent to me from Germany! Got to thank Lisa for sending them to me! I used #387 (teal) and #359 (orange). I love Kiko nail polishes! The consistency is great, not too thin nor too thick. Opacity is good too especially the teal colour. I added round 3mm metal studs to my nails and thought it looked kinda weird so I added the leopard prints and  I really like it! 

4 June 2013

Ombre Rose

I'm really into ombre nails recently! They are fun and easy to do and they look pretty too! But yeah, I hate the clean up process. The nail polish remover always dry up my cuticles so be sure to put a lot of cuticle oil/cream afterwards!

Anyways, I did a baby blue & baby pink ombre background using The Faceshop "BL601" and China Glaze "Something Sweet". The roses are hand painted with acrylic paint and I added tiny silver beads on the middle & ring finger to make a heart shape. Initially I wanted to use small crystals but I ran out of them  hence the silver beads.

2 June 2013

I'm a guest blogger!

I've got some exciting news to share! I am one of the guest blogger for Lou, the owner of www.tipsandtopcoat.com !
She's an amazing nail artist from UK and she's hosting this guest blogger event on her blog for 7 days until June 4th (Tue). There will be different guest bloggers on each day and I'm on for Saturday, June 1st!

Do check out my featured post on this Ombre Chevron nail art here! I will be sharing what I'll be using and how to create this nail art. Meanwhile here's a sneak peak!