28 May 2013

Zebra Nails

Oh I'm so in love with this colour from Essie - "In the Cab-ana". Isn't this a gorgeous blue? I added some black stripes and made it zebra print. Really easy and cute! I even had this colour painted on my toe nails! :D

27 May 2013

Green & Blue Dots & Stripes

A very simple nail art with contrasting colours. I used GR701 from Etude House ice cream collection, "Shopping Day at Bloomingdales" by Catrice and "Celeb City" by Sally Hansen.

26 May 2013

Purple Ombre Tribal

My first attempt on tribal nails! I had fun painting them but I have to admit it's tough! My brush wasn't the best but I try my best to make it work. The design was inspired by @coewless on IG. 

I used 3 shades of purple: Light (Eleanor "ENP078"), Medium (Sinful Colors "Pragmatic") and a dark purple with glitters (China Glaze "C-C-Courage"). I used acrylic paint for the tribal design and top it off with China Glaze Matte Magic top coat.

25 May 2013

Sugar Skull Nails

Sugar skull nails are so cute! They made the usual scary and cold skulls into something more fun and colourful! And I used fimo canes as my sugar skull eyes (inspired by @nailedbyjasmine on IG). Such a great idea isn't it? My base colour is "Unicorn" by Sinful Colors, the silver is "Celeb City" by Sally Hansen.

22 May 2013

Polka Dots Nail

 Ditch the classic one colour polka dots and go with colourful dots! It makes the nails look more fun and vibrant! I used Etude House #OR202 from the ice cream collection as my base colour. Use your favorite colours for the polka dots! I used mostly pastel colours - blue, pink, purple & green.

20 May 2013

Strawberry nails

I tried to make my strawberry nails a bit different from the normal red ones so I go with cutesy pink! And instead of small vertical stripes I put dots to make them look even cuter! This lovely pink is from the Etude House ice cream collection in PK001.

18 May 2013

Simple way to jazz up plain manicures - Studs

I recently bought some metal studs and I'm totally in love with them! It is also a great & simple way of adding some nailart to your plain nails! I'm wearing #BL601 from Etude House which I reviewed on the previous post.

16 May 2013

Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish Review

Finally swatches up! I bought these super cute nail polishes from Etude House a few weeks ago. I believe there's 7 colours in the collection but I only got these 5 which I really like! They are retailed at S$3.90 each and are all creme polishes. The consistency is somewhat thick but the colour is super pigmented and pretty! So I have a love & hate relation with these polish because it can get a little tricky to apply. I had two coats on for all the polishes.

First up, #PP501 is a very light pastel lavender. It almost look pink in the photos. This colour is pretty and feminine. It's also has a glossy finish, I didn't put any top coat on.
In sunlight
In shade
Under florescent light 

#BL601 is a gorgeous turquoise blue which I think is somewhat similar to Essie "In the Cab-Ana". This is my favourite in the collection. It makes my skin look fairer. I had Seche Vite top coat on.

Natural daylight

#GR701 is a pastel lime green. It's a little more difficult to apply (I don't know why!) and gets a little streaky but still a very nice colour and so Spring!
Natural daylight
Under fluorescent light

#OR202 is a light pastel orange. I love this colour too! It's soft and doesn't shout orange in your face. But it's also a little difficult to apply, tends to be streaky. It will be better with a top coat.

Natural daylight
Under florescent light

 #PK001 is a gorgeous bubble gum pink! Another favourite of mine. It's easy to apply and not streaky. I had  Poshe top coat on.
Natural daylight
Under florescent light
 Overall I'm very happy with the colours but not with the consistency. It will be perfect if its not that thick but it's good to have these in your collection because they are so cute!

14 May 2013

Nature inspired nails

My first attempt on a nature themed nailart. When I think of nature, I think of trees and greens. So I painted these grasses, added some mountains, cherry blossom trees and birds. There are actually clouds but it's kinda washed out in the photo.

I did a baby blue & green ombre (The Faceshop BL601 and Sinful Colors 'In the limelight') on my nails first before painting the details with acrylics paints. 

12 May 2013

Doodle fun!

This is how I normally doodle. I love to draw houses with smoke coming out from the chimney and a pathway in front of the door. And I always draw stick-mans! Not very good with drawings so this nail art kinda shows the kid in me. LOL. Don't judge!

10 May 2013

Red checkered Nails

Did this red checkered nails to match my shirt and also for Day 10 of #nailartmay which is to match OOTD. 

I used Sally Hansen Cherry Red, Etude House PK001 and the white is from Arezia (got this at SaSa). I hand paint on the checks and used a blue striping tape for the lines.

This is also great as picnic nails cuz it does look like the table cloth! Just skip the blue striping tape step!

7 May 2013

Neon Leopard Nails

Neon leopard nails for #nailartmay. I used Essie Fiji, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and OPI Over The Taupe.

4 May 2013

Star Wars Nails

Star War nails for #nailartmay challenge. This is my first time drawing a character and writing letters on my nails. It was difficult! I don't like how my letters came out :( it was supposed to be an outlined letter but it was a disaster so I fill them in. To be honest, I never watch Star Wars before but I do know there's this Yoda character in it hence I chose him! I don't know bout that but I think it does look like Shrek a little. LOL. 

I used black polish by The Faceshop and Essence Modern Romance on my ring finger. The multi colour glitter is BR801 from The Faceshop. I love this glitter! The words and character was painted using acrylic paints.

3 May 2013

Lace Nails

OMG I super love love this manicure!!! This design was inspired by @xxpinky_bubblesxx who was inspired by @ra_dina on Instagram! I had to do mine and all sweet and girly. =)
I used OPI Suzi's Hungary Again & Essie French Affair.

This design was also for the #bestietwinnails tag with @punkspolish ! Love this girl! 

2 May 2013

Cartoon Nails

How cute are these cartoon nails? Too cute I had to do them on my nails! It's super easy to do too. I used Eleanor ENP079 as the base colour. It is much brighter in real life. I had two coats on and use a black polish to trace around the nails and add white curve stripe and a dot to show that its super shiny (in a cartoon way). Then top it off with a matte top coat! I used China Glaze Matte Magic.

You can get Eleanor nail polishes at SaSa stores.