30 April 2013

Pastel Purple Glitter

Who doesn't love pastels? And this gorgeous pastel purple is so pretty! I added purple chevron to the tips and added some gorgeous purple glitter. I really like this simple and sweet manicure!

I used Etude House PP501 (from the Ice Crean collection I posted on Instagram last week) as my base colour and The Faceshop PP409 for the chevron tips, topped with The Faceshop purple glitter with the same number PP409 (can't they be more creative?).

28 April 2013

Galaxy Nails

My first attempt on Galaxy Nails! This manicure has been a hot shot and I've seen many people doing it! Its actually really easy to do! There are many different versions of galaxy nails but this is my version. =D

First, paint your nails black. Then use a sponge to dap some white, purple, pink and dark blue on to it! Add some small white dots and top it off with a fine glitter polish and top coat!

Sorry this photo is a bit blurry but I thought it showed the Fairy Dust better here.

I used The Faceshop PP409, PP402, BL604 and white for the dabbing colours and top it off with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

27 April 2013

Essence Home Sweet Home Nail Polish

I bought two nail polishes from the Essence Home Sweet Home collection since it launched in early April but I totally forgot about them! I got "Hot Fruit Punch" and "Berry Me Home". The colour shown in their advertisment is actually brighter than actual.
Credit to: Essence Cosmetics Singapore Facebook page

Here's the swatch for "Hot Fruit Punch". I love this colour! It gave me zero problem and its so shiny on it's own. This is taken without top coat and with 2 coats of nail polish. It's a dark maroon purplish colour. The consistency is great and it can be a one-coater. 

Then there's "Barry Me Home". Its a dark berry red, burgundy kind of colour but under sunlight it looked actually like red! I don't fancy this nail polish as much as "Hot Fruit Punch". First of all, I prefer the colour in "Hot Fruit Punch". Secondly, this polish gave me bubbles! You can see tiny bubbles in the photo below. I had two coats on.

Then I decided to top it off with this XXXL Shine Gel-Look top coat I just bought (instead of the usual Seche Vite). I have been looking for alternatives to Seche Vite because I heard its harmful to us due to the chemicals in it.

It looked much better! Bubbles were lesser and it was super shiny! But it does drag a little bit. Make sure to put lots of the top coat on the brush before you brush on your nails. 

BUT!!!! Horror happened. It took a long time to dry and it totally messed up my nails! More bubbles appeared and I had marks and finger prints all over. 

Taken under sunlight
I don't have these problems with Seche Vite. So now I guess I'll have to stick with Seche Vite despite the chemicals in it because it really is an amazing top coat!

26 April 2013

Silver & Gold Gradient/Ombre Nails

I love this silver & gold ombre nails! It's weird how I never thought of putting these two colours together for ombre! I think this manicure is so glam and totally suits prom, wedding and even Christmas! And it' really easy to do! I also added some gold hex glitters to the tips to make the gold underneath more obvious.

I used Sally Hansen "Celeb City" and "Golden-I" for the ombre and top the tips with Nature Republic gold glitter polish in SYL701.

24 April 2013

Retro waves nails

This retro waves nailart was inspired by @lucysstash's nails I saw on instagram many weeks ago. When I saw them I knew I gotta do my version of it! So after much procastination, here's my take on this retro nails.

I used Essence "Hot Fruit Punch" (from the Home Sweet Home collection) as my base colour, Essence " Absolutely Blue" and China Glaze "Something Sweet".

22 April 2013

Earth Day Nails

April 22nd is Earth Day. It is a day held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.
I got ideas from google images and combined to get this nailart design! I did blue & green ombre nails on my  index and pinky, a heart shape Earth on the middle and a tree with the recycle logo as the leaves.

I used Etude House BL502, Nature Republic GR602 and China Glaze Fairy Dust for the ombre nails and acrylic paints for the earth & tree.

21 April 2013

Watermelon Nails

Happy Sunday! Well, it's more of a rainy Sunday here in Singapore. Anyway, here's my manicure today - Watermelon!! Its really easy to do and I think this will definitely attract people's attention to your nails! 
It actually kinda look like strawberries too with the red and black seeds... maybe I'll do one strawberry nails soon!

I used OPI "Girls Just Wanna Play", The Faceshop "GR502" and Etude House "GR602".

19 April 2013

Mint & White

This manicure was actually kinda inspired by my fluffy socks! There are mint, pink and white on the socks. I think the colour combinations are so pretty so I have to do them on my nails.
I added gold dots on my middle & ring finger and it somewhat reminds me of Christmas ornaments! LOL.

I used "Mint Menthe" by Love & Beauty (by Forever 21), white polish from a brand called Arezia, "Something Sweet" by China Glaze and "Goden-I" by Sally Hansen to create this look.

16 April 2013

Colour hearts (OOTD Nails)

Day 16 of #nailartapr challenge is to match OOTD! I'm wearing this cute dress with lots of hearts on it so here's my nails to match my OOTD. It's so fun doing manicure that matches your outfit! Oh yes, I filed down my nails cuz I felt it was too long and was afraid it might broke anytime! 

I used OPI Hot & Spicy on my index & pinky, and also for the hearts. The other two colour used for the hearts are Essence L.O.L and Essence Wanna Say Hello.

14 April 2013

Ombre Stripes

I "recycled" my previous ombre nails and did this very chic nailart design. It's really easy to do! Just place striping tapes however you want them to be and paint them over with a dark colour polish. In my case, I did 5 stripes coming from a corner and paint them with a black polish. After that, just peel off the striping tapes and apply top coat. That's it! Enjoy~!

13 April 2013

Blue Gradient/Ombre Nails

 So I have to do gradient/ombre nails for Day 13 of #nailartapr, and what's better to do then blue nails since its Autism Awareness month? I really like how this turned out. I don't normally wear blue nails but this kinda remind me of snow, like Christmas!

I used 3 shades of blue - Faceshop BL601, Essence Absolutely Blue and Essence Via Airmail. I topped it off with China Glaze Fairy Dust (always work so good with ombre nails!) and Seche Vite top coat.

10 April 2013

Neon Chevron

 You can tell I'm loving this colour! The base colour is China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy which is a bright neon coral. I added black chevron with silver stripes, Celeb City by Sally Hansen. Had a hard time photographing these! This is actually a very easy and simple nailart. You can use scotch tape or striping tapes to help you achieve cleaner chevron lines.

9 April 2013

Palm Trees

I'm in love with this manicure!!! Don't you think they just scream holiday to you? When I first saw this on Instagram (@nails_make_us), I knew I have to recreate this beautiful nailart. I definitely have to work on making my stripes more proportionate. 

This is before I drew the palm tress on. I used acrylic paint to draw the trees.

Nail polishes used (Top to Bottom): Etude House BL505, OPI Suzi's Hungary Again!, China Glaze Peachy Keen, Nature Republic YL701, Etude House BL502 and Nature Republic GR602. I used black striping tape for the black stripes.

7 April 2013

Braided Nails

Braided nails has been an on-going trend. It's easy to do and looks cool! Instead of doing all four nails with braids (I felt it was a little too much), I decided to do the braid as an accent nail. I really like the colour combo! I used OPI Your Royal Shine-ness as my base colour, OPI Suzi's Hungary Again! and Faceshop PP409 for the alternating braids. The Faceshop colour is actually a pearl base purple but it appears a little more to blue in the photos.

6 April 2013

Purple Sparkles

Loving the purple/gold holo glitter polish from Color Combos! Problems with such polishes (faceshop, other korean brands etc) is that they don't have a name like OPI, China Glaze, Essie etc did. Names are easier to remember and more funky!

Anyways, I used Essence Ballerina's Charm as base colour and the holo gliiter is Color Combos CMT301. I added silver hex glitter to better define the "waves", if you can tell. LOL.

4 April 2013

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

I would say I have a love and hate relationship with this nail polish. The colour was gorgeous but it's so hard to put on! It was streaky and show drag lines. I had two thick coats on with SV top coat. Its funny how this polish dries kinda matte and it does not look nice without top coat. Top coat actually smooths it out and makes it less streaky and made the colour pop. The formula is on the thicker side and the colour is like a pinky coral neon. I used it for one of my recent nailart and got a lot of comments on how nice this colour is so I decide to give it a swatch review! I also had trouble taking the real colour of this colour! Nevertheless, a very summery colour!

3 April 2013


Frankly speaking, I had no idea what flower I was going to draw and I just randomly picked out some colours. I don't even think they'd match! So I start to doodle and got this finished product! I'm pretty glad with my colour selections! And man, this is an easy nailart to do and looks really pretty!

I noticed that most of the times I do floral nails that are sweet and girly tone of colours, so I decided to go a little bit different and chose the brown family as my base colour. These are the colours that I don't usually reach out for but I can see myself wearing this again.

Here's the nail polishes that I used to create this nailart:
Left to right: OPI Suzi's Hungary Again!, China Glaze Something Sweet, Faceshop GR502, Essence L.O.L, Essence Cookie Love and Essence Wanna Say Hello.
Oh, I layered China Glaze Fairy Dust on top of Essence Wanna Say Hello (index & pinky).

2 April 2013

Blue for Autism Awareness

April's Autism Awareness month and blue is the colour for this awareness campaign. I just bought this Etude House nail polish the other day and I'm loving it so far. Its a light blue creme polish with big & small glitters in it. There are gold, bright blue & royal blue hex glitters, small gold square glitters and tiny blue round glitters.

The consistency is not too thick nor thin. It applies a little sheer on the first coat but with two coats it was fine. Same problems with other multi-glitter polishes, placement of glitters must be done manually. If you scoop too much glitter on the brush, it will look like chunk of glitters overlapping each other. Not nice I would say. Slow and steady wins the race! Once again, korean polishes had no names so this is number PPP503.