27 April 2013

Essence Home Sweet Home Nail Polish

I bought two nail polishes from the Essence Home Sweet Home collection since it launched in early April but I totally forgot about them! I got "Hot Fruit Punch" and "Berry Me Home". The colour shown in their advertisment is actually brighter than actual.
Credit to: Essence Cosmetics Singapore Facebook page

Here's the swatch for "Hot Fruit Punch". I love this colour! It gave me zero problem and its so shiny on it's own. This is taken without top coat and with 2 coats of nail polish. It's a dark maroon purplish colour. The consistency is great and it can be a one-coater. 

Then there's "Barry Me Home". Its a dark berry red, burgundy kind of colour but under sunlight it looked actually like red! I don't fancy this nail polish as much as "Hot Fruit Punch". First of all, I prefer the colour in "Hot Fruit Punch". Secondly, this polish gave me bubbles! You can see tiny bubbles in the photo below. I had two coats on.

Then I decided to top it off with this XXXL Shine Gel-Look top coat I just bought (instead of the usual Seche Vite). I have been looking for alternatives to Seche Vite because I heard its harmful to us due to the chemicals in it.

It looked much better! Bubbles were lesser and it was super shiny! But it does drag a little bit. Make sure to put lots of the top coat on the brush before you brush on your nails. 

BUT!!!! Horror happened. It took a long time to dry and it totally messed up my nails! More bubbles appeared and I had marks and finger prints all over. 

Taken under sunlight
I don't have these problems with Seche Vite. So now I guess I'll have to stick with Seche Vite despite the chemicals in it because it really is an amazing top coat!