21 April 2014

Review: Nail Water Decals

Have you ever wished that you can have a pretty manicure (with nailart), mess-free, doesn't require any skills really, in less than 5 minutes? YES YOU CAN!

I was more then happy when Bornprettystore.com offer to send me some nail art supplies to try out. Bornprettystore.com is a online site that sells practically everything a girl needs! From nail art materials to make up to bikinis......

This is one of the items sent to me and its so pretty! Kinda reminds me of Chinese vases. Its a purple-ish blue flower nail decal on clear background. You can find this nail decal here.

It's really simple to use these nail decals. First, paint your nails two coats of the colour you fancy. I chose white. Second, cut out that piece of nail decal you're using and soak it in water for about 10 secs. Lightly touch the surface to check if the decal is ready. If it moves, it's ready! Next, place the decal on your nails. I find that using a tweezer makes it alot more easier. Choose your design placing, and press it on your nails. Remove any excess with a nail file, cuticle pusher or a cuticle cutter. I used nail file to remove excess on the nail tips and either a cuticle pusher or cutter to remove excess from the sides and cuticle area. Lastly, top it off with top coat and that's it!

Super love the end result! It definitely helps save time and very suitable for busy girls who still wants to have pretty nails. Even for me on days when I'm lazy or running out of time, I use nail decals to spice up my manicure. They are great as they are really thin and you won't be able to tell or feel there's a decal on your nails and they look real.

Head over to Bornprettystore.com now and enjoy 10% off  your purchase with the coupon code "LVX31".