5 March 2013

Essence Nail Polish

I posted my Essence nail polish haul on Instagram two days ago and asked if you guys want to see the swatches and so here are the swatches! It's my first time doing a batch of nail polish swatches and oh man, it really takes time! Putting on the polishes didn't take alot of time but it's photo taking that took the most time! Nonetheless, I had a great time!

I initially went to Watsons wanting to get the new "Ready for Boarding" collection but I ended up with other Essence Colour & Go polishes as well! Problems of a nail polish addict. Haha.

There are 6 nail polishes in the "Ready for Boarding" collection - 5 colour polishes and 1 peel of base coat which is think is the highlight of this collection. The colours that I got are Exit on Your Right, Via Airmail and Destination Sunshine.

The peel off base coat appears white, applies white but dries clear. It doesn't smell like normal nail polish but  smell kinda like white glue (those use for crafts). Maybe I'll try with white glue next time to see if it works the same.

This is how I peel off the nail polish. I have to admit its pretty fun peeling them off! Majority of the polish will be peeled off and you only need to clean the edges.

Let's move on to the swatches!

The nail polishes in the "Ready for Boarding" collection are creamy and consistency is not thick nor thin.

Exits on Your Right is a pale mint green. It's a little streaky on first coat but was completely opaque on second coat. I had the peel of base coat and top with Seche Vite (SV).

Destination Sunshine is a cute pastel yellow. It's brighter than it looks in the bottle. A little streaky on the first coat and with a light hand, second coat will work just right. Otherwise, you can go with third coat! I had the peel of base coat and top with SV.

Via Airmail is my favourtite of all. It's a creamy sailor blue with a little purple hue to it. It applies darker than seen on the bottle. I had a had time photographing this colour because it appears royal blue on photo. It is very opaque and you can definitely do away with one coat. I had two coats on with no top coat. It was very glossy even without top coat.

I know this photo kinda sucks but I filter it to show the more true colour. I swear it looks gorgeous in real life!

The others Colour & Go nail polishes are lighter consistency which I kinda like because it's easier to apply.

Absolutely Blue is a pastel lavender/cornflower blue. It's very true to the bottle's colour. I had two coats on with no top coat.

Naughty & Pink! is a bright almost neon pink. Its not a creme texture but rather jelly-ish. I had two coats on with no top coat and its pretty opaque. Defitenely a Summer colour!

Cookie Love is a champagne or light brown colour with tiny gold glitters in it. I don't usually like this kind of colour but the glitters are gorgeous! It could be a neutral colour to wear to events to add a little glam to your fingers without being over the top. The consistency is very runny so be careful not to load too much on the brush. I had two coats on with no top coat.

Wanna Say Hello is a mysterious dark brown colour. It looks kinda chic! This colour makes my skin look so much fairer! I had two coats on with no top coat.

Space Queen is a gorgeous pinkish clear glitter polish. The multi colour glitter looks really nice under different angles and lighting. Very sparkly!

PS: I skipped Sweet as Candy because it's a jelly polish and doesn't show up on photo.

You can get Essence nail polishes at selected Watsons store.
[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.]